Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

Being the site that we are, we also like sharing cool products found scattered around the Google homepage, and some of the coolest are Oakley prescription sunglasses. The company has been around for some time now, upwards of 40 years and they remain at the top of their game. Despite the influx of alternative sports good manufacturers, it’s still cool to be found sporting a pair of Oakley frames, or wandering around with one of their backpacks strapped to your back.

Oakley Prescription Lenses

Oakley prescription lenses are exactly what they sound like. You get to wear a pair of fashionable glasses that fit with your lifestyle, that allow you to retain the kind of vision that you need in order to get through the day, due to the fact that the lenses match your current prescription.

Being someone that needs a little boost in the eye department, I know what it’s like when the sun’s out, you’ve got your sunglasses on and yet you can’t see a damn thing because you’re missing your prescription lenses. This is where Oakley comes in. If, like me, you like a little quality in your life, you get to wear something you’re cool with that also allows you to see where it is you’re going, or what it is you’re trying to do.

In a nutshell these glasses are perfected to be both functional and fashionable, as well as being packed with the technology and testing that’s at the heart of the Oakley brand. Their lenses are developed with a keen eye on the following:

  • Photochromic: light-reactive lenses. The lenses adjust according to the amount of UV rays they’re exposed to
  • Hydrophobic: a coating applied to lenses to prevent the buildup of oils, grime, dust and repel water. Innovative and especially welcome for the active
  • HD Polarized:  something all good prescription glasses should enjoy. Polarized lenses prevent the sun’s glare from directly affecting your line of sight. An awesome invention and something you should always look for in your lenses

Of the above, you tailor your sunglasses according to need. For the cost of having customized Oakley’s, go the whole mile and buy the best you can afford. Ok, our eyes come in pairs but … you can’t replace them once you’ve worn them out. If, like me, you’re the active outdoor type, the more attention you pay to what the sun can do (in terms of damage) the better. Whilst I don’t deny how fabulous it is being out and about, being active, doing something, anything … it’s frightening the damage that the sun can cause and having seen it first hand (a member of my family is a crazy and very wrinkled sun-worshipper), I prefer to take better care of myself overall.

Oakleys Sunglasses

You can buy Oakleys sunglasses in a variety of styles and frames, and personalize them according to your lifestyle. Currently they range across:

  • Sports sunglasses
  • Lifestyle sunglasses
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Active sunglasses

The style you choose is the one that’s the best match for what you need them for. Casual wear, sports, general day-to-day activities, work and so on. To be honest any of the available designs are functional for any level of need, and all you have to do to get your hands on a pair of prescription lenses is to visit a local Oakley store.

As an example, California has in excess of 30 different outlets across the state. Birmingham (AL) has about the same. Pretty much the whole country is crisscrossed with Oakley dealers, and this allows you to simply take the time to visit one that’s local to you, choose your frames and have them designed with prescription lenses that meet your requirements.

It’s a fairly straightforward process, probably the biggest issue being which frames to choose from. However whenever I’ve bought a pair of Oakley prescription sunglasses it’s almost been a non-issue, as the store assistants have always been well versed in what’s available and what will suit customers in terms of individual look and appeal.

Although prescription sunglasses are something handled by the Oakley dealers (found around the country), the video below demonstrates how easy it is to customize your own pair.

Oakley Prescription Glasses

The bottom line is that Oakley prescription glasses embrace style, function and value for money. They’re not cheap, it’s not like you’re paying the same price that you would for a pair you can pick up from a gas station in the boonies but then again … you are getting what you pay for.

You’re buying (pretty much) a customized pair of sunglasses; you’re buying into the technology that Oakley employs as a means of remaining a cutting edge manufacturer of high-end products. You’re benefiting from a range of different type of in-house expertise:

  • Knowledge
  • Science
  • Styling
  • Innovation
  • Creativity

The above comes at a price, and that’s what’s reflected in the Oakley price tag. However, in comparison with other leading competitors, Oakley remains a highly desirable choice due to their active focus on developing the progressive aspect across all of their product lines. They’re forward-thinkers, pioneering and, after almost 40 years of production and commercial success, they’re not going anywhere any time soon. Money spent wisely is money well spent.